Coogans Sean Maguire

Description Pedigree Gallery

On August 17th 2013 Coogans Sean Maguire walk through our door. He is our fifth Maine Coon and the second cat we receive from Coogans Maine Coon. However, he is the first Black Silver mackerel tabby we have.

Let’s face it - Life changed in our house. Having two elderly cats and now bringing in a kitten dramatically changes the energy levels in the room. The two queens of the house where not satisfied that we have brought them a knot of energy. To make matters worse he is constantly talking and finding new ways to use things, much to the dislike of Humle and Morgaine.

As the video below shows, he is a clever cat. We had put some toys out of reach from Sean – or so we thought. In Seans world a bookshelf equals a stepladder.  

Billy Sean Morgaine Humle

Finn Louie