Sebasco's Humle

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All god things comes to an end

After giving us fun and joy for almost 14 years, we had to come to terms with the fact that Humle was getting old. Therefore in Dec 2013 we had to take the hard decision that Humle should no longer be among us. Thanks for all the smiles – You will be missed.

Our story of Humle

We got Sebasco's Humle almost 1½ year after Louie. She was born June 10th 2000 and is a brown mackerel tabby - MCO n 23.

At first when we got Humle she was a shy cat. She was always "riding" the baseboard. Whenever somebody was visiting they always only saw Louie. Humle had found a closet or somewhere else to hide. As soon as the house was empty again Humle would walk into the room with the look on her face: 'Did I miss anything?'.

Humle is the lady of the mansion not only by fact but also by act. Humle started right after she arrived to educate Louie about how a lady should be treated e.g. it is very appropriate to stand and leave a good spot if a lady wants it. It is also acceptable if Louie wash her ... But only to a certain point or else he is messing up the hair style. Us humans took a little more education, but we finally found out that a loud miaow from the bathroom, means the "Lady of the house" would like to have the tap running, so she can get some fresh water.

Bringing in Finn later on was not something Humle approved. Now she had to teach yet another cat, how she wanted to be serviced. The result was that we heard some new sounds from the Little Lady. She was capable of a loud growling !!!. It didn't help that Finn at that time was VERY full of energy and quickly found out that Humle was indeed a lady . After a couple of weeks they had settled the house order. Finn is forever and deeply in love with Humle, and as the sophisticated lady she is, she gracefully accepts his blind love. From time to time she shows this by rolling some treats out of the activity ball. (Finn has not comprehended this activity yet.)

After Humle now has settled the rules for her treatment all shyness has vanished. Today she is around whenever social events are taking place ... But just at an arms length. Settling a descent fur-coat is not something humans shall interfere with.

Humle will always be our special little spoiled lady !!




Billy Sean Morgaine Humle

Finn Louie