Madsen the Orangutan

We have through the international foundation BOS adobted this little Orangutan - He is called Madsen.

Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) is an organization that among other, through a schooling program of 9 years helps the orangutans back into the wild. BOS gets the orangutans from the local people, when the rainforest is cut back or they find them in local markets. Often the orangutan at this time is at a so pore state that it is doubtful if they can survive. Today BOS is helping more than 500 small orangutans ......

It cost 75kr. a month to support this little guy. But for the organization BOS it cost 10000kr a year pr orangutan they help. So any support they can get is appreciated. All the money that is donated to them is used for either the life support of the orangutan, buying more rainforest so the monkeys have a safe place or support of the camps. All people are volunteers. Due to the risk of infections it is not possible to visits the camps.

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For more information see: www.orangutang.dk