Our Maine Coon Cats

Billy Sean Morgaine Humle

Finn Louie


We have been the proud owners of Maine Coon Cats since 1999. Everything starts simple and in our case we started with Louie. Shortly after Humle was added to the family. For almost 2 years we only had two cats, and then Finn joined the pack. Again some time past and Morgaine moved in in 2005. For some time we had four cats, but unfortunately Louie past away in 2007. For almost 6 years we had 3 cats.

In 2013 Finn suddenly became were ill, and we unfortunately had so say good bye. We were now left with Humle and Morgaine. Humle is one of the oldest Maine coons alive in Denmark. Being an old lady, she is not as social as Morgaine would like and we were recommended to consider to adopt one or two more kittens to the household. Hence Sean was added to the family in the fall of 2013.

Using the links above you can read about the each of our fur-balls