Sebasco's Louie Pussytoes (22/01-1999 - 23/04-2007)

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Louie is no longer among us.

We had to take the tough decision on April 23th 2007 to let him sleep in. Louie unfortunately suffered from a condission called spondylose.  This is often found  in dogs but not in cats. The illness means that the lower joints in the bag starts to grow together with small taps. It is possible to live for a long time with this complaint with no problems, if you take care. Louie was so unfortunately that one of the taps apparently broke and put pressure on his spine. This meant that he lost control of his hind legs and bladder. Even though an operation in theory might have been possible this would not have been worthy and destroyed any pride Louie had left.

We thank him for all the wonderful time that we have enjoyed his company. He will be in our memories always.

Our story of Louie

Sebasco's Louie Pussytoes was the first of the "gentle giant" that we bought. He was born January 22 1999. and is a blue blotched tabby with poly-toes. This is a natural mutation which increases the number of toes. Louie has 6 toes on both of his front legs. (For more information see the section Polydactyl Cats)

When Louie was picked up at Sebasco's and brought back to the apartment, he started to call out for his sister, Sebasco's Lady Luna. They had been together for almost 13 weeks day and night - Maybe because they where both poly-toes. Louie however quickly established himself in the new surroundings e.g. he taught us that when we are taking vitamins in the morning, treats MUST be given to him.

Louie was from day one very curious. This unfortunately led to his first and only real accident. One afternoon he found a way through / around the barrier that should prevent him from falling off the balcony. The apartment was on the 12th floor !!!!. Long story short: Louie took a tumble off the balcony and hit a minor tree. Some neighbors saw Louie on the ground and rushed him to an animal hospital - but didn't inform us . When we found out what had happened the opening hours of the hospital were over. Next day we called - We told them about the accident. The answer was that, yes a Maine Coon kitten was brought in yesterday, and yes it was a poly-toe, and yes it was a blue blotched tabby, but no it could not be Louie because the kitten that had arrived didn't have any injuries !!! (Louie now only has 8 lives left.)

After breaking probably most of the speed limits we were united with the little fur-ball. Louie learned nothing from this little adventure, the first thing he did when he came back to the apartment was to run out on the balcony. We however have learned to secure all possible and impossible window and door openings.

Since this drama Louie has lived a much more relaxed and uneventful life. He is today the alpha male in our little trio. He enjoys to take an active part in all activities in the household. Especially an activity like washing the floor is something that needs his personal guiding. Also when somebody is visiting Louie will make sure that at least one chair is reserved for him, so he can join in on the conversation. Furthermore we do suspect Sebascos's to have mixed some of Ferdinand, Disney's flower smelling bull, into the gene pool, because whenever fresh flowers are brought in, Louie can spend hours of sniffing the bouquet. If one flower is exceptional beautiful he picks it up and present it for us, wherever we are. Nothing like waking up in a bed of roses.

Needless to say that Louie always will be our beloved fur-ball.




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