Woodwalkers Huckleberry Finn (April 17th 2001 - July 4th 2013)

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Finn is no longer among us.

July 4th 2013 was a sad day for us. We had to say goodbye to Finn, who had been very ill for the last couple of days. It was obvious to us, that he had court something he could not beat. Together with our vet, we decided to give him his final sleep. It is however a comfort for us to know that he left the this world with a purr. As Dahlgaard (our vet) said - "A king has left his castle today !! "

Our story of Finn

Woodwalkers Huckleberry Finn is the third addition to our family. He is born in Germany April 17th 2001. He is a black mackerel tabby - MCO n 23.

He was soon discovered by Coogans Maine Coon which took the trip down to see him. Coogans immediately felt in love with the little fur-ball and "rescued" him back to Denmark. Unfortunately the other cats were not as happy to see Finn, as he was to have all these new playmates. Lene and Peter (the owners of Coogans Maine Coon) could not stand to see that Finn wasn't as happy as he could be and therefore a search for a new home began.

At that time we had no plans of taking in a new cat ..... But things changed !!!!

We visited Coogans, so we could get a glimpse of the little fur-ball in order better to help finding a new home. When introduced to him, he immediately accepted to be picked up a started to purr in our arms. It was pretty obvious at that point that we would not be able to find any other home than our own.

Two weeks later we took the trip to Coogans to pick up Finn. He was just as cute as last time. We were so happy that he was going to be ours. Coogans of cause were equally sad that he was going. This was the first time we saw Lene with a little tear in the eye. (For you none cat owners .. be warned. This is what love for a Maine Coon can do to you !!)

We were very excited to see the response from Humle and Louie, when we came with the newest family member. It went surprisingly easy. After a couple of days the new order of the house was set:

Finn and Humle started a love / hate relationship. Finn loves Humle at all times. Humle hates Finn when he tries to be funny just after bed time. Else she is equally found of him - But as the lady she is, this is not something that is showed when people are watching.

Louie and Finn used the first days to find out who should be the king of the castle. After this was settled, a great friendship between the two has developed.

Today Finn is a much loved and appreciated member of the family. Even though he likes to play in the middle of the night .... When a 6 kg. "kitten" is jumping on top of you at 4 in the morning, just to see if you were asleep - Then it is hard to put up a smile


Having Main Coons means nothing is save ... What you think is yours, and yours alone -  is in the view of a real Main Coon directly translate to: "That must be something specially provided for me !!! ". Below is a little video Morgaine and Finn after they have conquered a glass of water.




Billy Sean Morgaine Humle

Finn Louie