North Hope's Morgaine

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Let's face it - We where not suppose to have any more cats. But the little colorful lady from North Hope's Maine Coon is irresistible; we therefore had to make a reservation.

She was born at November 9 th 2005 and after a long almost 4 month periode she finally arrived. We where a little anxious about how the other cats would react on her and how fast she would settle in.

When Jan and Laila from Nothhope's Maine Coon arrived with her, she was put down in the box for transportation so the other fur-balls could have a look at her. Finn immediately started to walk around her and talk to her. Morgaine quickly started to answer him, which only made him more exited - The toy could talk !!!

Louie came out, saw the transport box, and thought he was going to the wet, so he vanished for the next couple of hours.

Then Morgaine was let out of her box. Finn and her bounded from the start and have ever since. Where you find Morgaine, you will also find Finn. If you can't see them, just follow the sound of 2 cats having fun.

Even though Morgaine has been brought up with large cats, Louie was scary at first, due to his size. Morgaine has now started figured out that Louie is indeed a gentle giant and he is even fun to play with. Louie is behaving like the nice uncle that has just been trusted with his niece - He is playful but protective.

Humle however is behaving like a bitch. Whenever the new fur-ball is coming to close to the Lady of the Mansion, she is crowling and spitting. Is Morgaine sleeping, Humle finds it very interesting to sniff or even to wash her .. But if Morgaine starts to move the spitting starts again.

There was however one thing we were missing about Morgaine in the beginning. We were told by Nothhope's Maine Coon that Morgaine would be our first real Maine Coon. Morgaine should be so full of tricks and energy that we would have to secure everything that is lighter than a 10 kg. It toke her over a year realy to get into the game but now she is very full of energy.

The ball breaker

Morgaine is not that innocent any more.

She has derived the habit of jumping to the sink in the bathroom just after we have taken a shower. She will start to bit the tap until we turn it on.

One morning was different. For some reasons she found the plastic cover to the shaver extremely funny to play around with. I (Claus) had just step out of the shower, when Morgaine pushed the cover off the table and in under the drawers below. I off cause dropped to my knees and started to look for the plastic thingy, and did not notice that Morgaine jumped of the table in order to help me look for the cover.

So there I was …. My head under the drawers, with what nature has designed for sitting on highest and Morgaine behind me. It was at that moment Morgaine look up saw a red sack that apparently look interesting to play with – So she took a swing at it.

I screamed and bumped me head into the drawer, Morgaine ran with the biggest smile you will ever see on a cat - What a new wonderful game she had invented

Lessons learned. Never be naked in front of a cat !!




Billy Sean Morgaine Humle

Finn Louie